31367940 haldex oil of 2nd - 5th gen Volvo, LR and Ford

31367940 haldex oil 2-5 gen Volvo, LR, Ford
Genuine hydraulic oil approved for haldex 2nd - 5th generation for Volvo, Land Rover and Ford vehicles.
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2 years
1,05 kg
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2 pc

Original hydraulic oil for haldex 2nd - 5th generation for vehicles Volvo, Land Rover and Ford

OEM serial number: 31367940, 31209623, LR054941, LR003036, EJ32-19A509-AA

Manufacturer: Volvo

Warranty: 24 months

Volume: 1l

Suitable for Land Rover, Ford Kuga, Volvo S40 (2004-) V50, S60 (2011-), S60 (-2009), S80 (2007-), S80 (-2006), V40 (2013-), V40 XC, V60, V70 P26, XC70 (2001-2007), V70 XC70 (2008-), XC60, XC90

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