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Transport from the e-shop to all countries of the European Union and other selected ones is possible, transport is provided by the international carrier Packeta, with which courier and postal companies cooperate in individual countries.

Eshop offer

The selection of eshop consists from 18 different haldex pumps, 10 different haldex filters, 4 certified hydraulic haldex oils and other rear-wheel drive components.

From February 2021, you can choose in our e-shop for shipping well-known carrier "", that offers fast and affordable delivery for orders when choosing a delivery location.

E-shop extension

From 1/2021, the eshop will also be open to customers from Hungary. Transport of goods will be provided via Slovak - Hungarian Post, payments will be possible by cash on delivery or bank transfer. Delivery time to Hungary will be 2-4 working day

Launch of eshop 4x4 Parte

Official launch of eshop 4x4 Parte for Slovakia and Czech Republic.

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  • Welcome to eshop 4x4 Parte

  • Pumps, filters, oils and other parts for Haldexes
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Welcome to the e-shop 4x4 Parte

The eshop is focused on selling of original spare parts to inter-axle Haldex clutch. Our offer consists from hydraulic pumps, filters, hydraulic oils and other spare parts for Haldexes. For more information about us and our products, you can find in section "About Us". For choose the right parts and make a purchase, you can go here. We will be glad, if you register on our website, what is more comfortable to you and you will have better overview about your purchases. In case of any questions please contact us. You can find here our Business conditions. 

We can ship to these countries in Europe:

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