Eshop information

Transport from the e-shop to all countries of the European Union and other selected ones is possible, transport is provided by the international carrier Packeta, with which courier and postal companies cooperate in individual countries.

Eshop offer

The selection of eshop consists from 18 different haldex pumps, 10 different haldex filters, 4 certified hydraulic haldex oils and other rear-wheel drive components.

From February 2021, you can choose in our e-shop for shipping well-known carrier "", that offers fast and affordable delivery for orders when choosing a delivery location.

E-shop extension

From 1/2021, the eshop will also be open to customers from Hungary. Transport of goods will be provided via Slovak - Hungarian Post, payments will be possible by cash on delivery or bank transfer. Delivery time to Hungary will be 2-4 working day

Launch of eshop 4x4 Parte

Official launch of eshop 4x4 Parte for Slovakia and Czech Republic.


Post adress and information

Name of provider: Miroslav Hagara

Street: Banky 450

City: Diviaky nad Nitricou

Post code: 972 25

Country: Slovakia

Tel.number.: +421 918 122 951

Whatsapp number: +421 950 730 705


Billing information

Business ID: SK51734079

Tax ID: 1121545832

Registered: District office in Prievidza - Division of self-employed business, Trade register OU-PD, no.340-41629

Supervisory authority: Inspectorate of SOI in Trenčín

Bank information

Name of bank: Post Bank

IBAN: SK9865000000000093677407

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