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Expansion of the e-shop's offer to include haldex clutch control units, its special spare parts and components for DSG7 mechatronics. We plan to expand the portfolio with new haldex control units from Borgwarner, which should be included next month.

Eshop offer

The selection of eshop consists from haldex pumps, haldex filters, 3 certified hydraulic haldex oils and other rear-wheel drive components. We have also Kinergo repair kit for DSG7 DQ200 Mechatronics.

Eshop information

Transport from the e-shop to all countries of the European Union and other selected ones is possible, transport is provided by the international carrier Packeta, with which courier and postal companies cooperate in individual countries.

About Us

4x4 Parte is eshop, which is focused on selling of spare parts for vehicles with rear haldex differential and DSG DQ200 automatic transmission with robotic 7-speed mechatronics. In our portfolio you can find only original parts, for example from manufacturer Borgwarner, which has been official manufacturer and supplier from year 2011. Our effort is to offer quality products for favorable prices and meet our interests with interests of our customers.


What is the Haldex Clutch? 

It is electro-hydraulic powerdrive system for vehicle, that ensures traction power transfer to rear axle. It works, transfers the torque on rear wheels in case, when front wheels loose adhesion with driving surface and therefore it ensures stability and better control of vehicle itself. Haldex is swedish technical company, which developed this drive system and gave to that the same name after their company. As was mentioned, the american company Borgwarner bought the rights of this system from Haldex company in 2011 and also took over the manufacturing of spare parts.

It has made out multiple generations of haldex systems classified to overall 6 generations until today. The first generation was stated in the market in 1998 and was mounted to the Audi TT, S3 and VW Golf IV. Later, of course, other vehicles from VW Group got this AWD system. Except of VW concern, we can also find the haldex systems in vehicles of brand like Volvo, Land Rover, Opel, Saab, Ford...


What is in the protfolio of our eshop?

Our offered products are hydraulic pumps for all existing generations of haldex systems, also filters and hydraulic oils for these systems, control components and repair kits for Haldex clutch and rear differentials. We also extended our portfolio for spare parts for mechatronic of DSG DQ200/ DQ380/ DQ381/ DQ500 automatic transmission.

Where do we send our goods to?

Worldwide using the international postal system or courier companies. If you find your country in the ordering process, then shipping to your country is more than possible. If you have any doubts about the transport to your country, do not hesitate to contact us here.



Eshop is operated by self-employed person, who is a VAT payer.